Women Across Differences

Women Across Differences (WAD) is a non - governmental organisation launched in 1999 and registered under the Company's Act that same year.


The organisation enables women and girls to empower themselves through access to social and economic resources.


It provides a forum for women to meet and encourages them to make their collective voices heard in the area of Public Policy. WAD has a membership of approximately 70 women from regions 3, 4, 6, 7, 10.


Over the years, WAD has been able to facilitate the self-development of its membership through a number of training sessions, including Workers Rights, Community Facilitation, Parenting Skills and Leadership Development, among others.


WAD's objectives are:
1. To facilitate women's individual and collective efforts by working together across age, ethnicity, class, political partisanship and location.
2. To carry out sustained public discussion and advocacy on critical community and national issues.
3. To lobby and protest against violations of the rights of women and vulnerable groups in society.
4. To foster self-development of members of the network.


  • Empowering Teenage Mothers

    We empower young mothers to take control of their lives and become self-reliant women within their communities.

  • Young Mothers for Change

    Young Mothers for Change advocates for the rights of young women and girls, through raising sharing personal stories and raising awareness of the discrimination they face.

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